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Design Technology

At The Linden Academy, Design and Technology is a subject that encourages our students to feel inspired and become innovators. At the beginning of each project, authentic products are introduced and shared with the class. The element of accessing existing design is fundamental in understanding the purpose behind an item, as well as identifying how it has been made from a design perspective.

Through enabling opportunities for discussion around products they are familiar with, pupils are able to engage with the world around them. It is through their careful observations and research, that pupils are integrated into the cycle of product design; extending to the making and evaluating aspects using their learned knowledge. Through this subject, pupils are provided with a vast array of experiences including mechanisms, textiles and structures and food technology.

Progression of Skill:
As our pupils journey through The Linden, they progressively build upon their technical skills. Key Stage One focuses on introducing existing concepts and materials, whilst teaching the safe use of some tools and resources. The projects are very practical at this stage and are delivered through the cycle of designing, making and evaluating. During Key Stage Two, we continue to build upon practical skills, however we begin to delve deeper into our understanding of existing products, using these to inform our own design decisions, before developing prototypes. Upper Key Stage Two then extends this further, through encouraging market research, testing and refining their designs.

Please note Year R is covered on the EYFS curriculum page: