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Early Reading / Phonics

At The Linden Academy, Early Reading is taught through Read, Write, Inc. This was introduced during the Autumn term 2021 following training with the staff, a parent information evening and an exciting launch day in school. 

We teach sounds, children practise reading and spelling words containing these sounds, then we give children decodable books containing sounds and words they can read. They read each Storybook three times at school and again with you at home. On each reading, children’s fluency increases and the more they can focus on what the story is about. Children also learn to spell the words they have been reading and develop their ideas into sentences so that they can write about the Storybooks they read. Alongside this we read stories to children: stories they cannot yet read for themselves. The children come into school and take part in a voting system. They place their name in the pot to show which book they want to listen to their teacher read aloud that day. Our aim is for children to finish the RWI Phonics programme quickly so they can start reading these books for themselves.

Fred the Frog is a key character! Fred can only speak in sounds. He says d-o-g, h-a-t etc. Speaking like Fred helps children to understand that words are made up of sounds. Fred helps children practise blending sounds together because he needs the children to say the words for him. Fred says d-o-g, children tell him the word is dog. This is how we quickly teach all of our children to blend.

Which books will children bring home?

In your child’s book bag, they will bring home: 

  • the Storybook they have read in class to practise reading what they can already read.
  • if applicable a ‘Last and past’ Storybook – a previously read RWI Storybooks for extra practice. The children enjoy re-reading stories they know well. Their fluency improves on every reading.
  • if applicable a Book Bag Book.They have guidance inside just for you as parents., They are matched to the books children read in school so provide practice of the same sounds – extra practice at the right level for your child. They include many of the same reading activities that we use in class.
  • A picture book to share with you which has already been read to them so they care about it.  You can read the story to them or they can retell the story by looking at the pictures. They are not expected to read the story themselves.

We make sure that every book that goes into your child’s book bag is a well-loved book – one they know already and want to read again and again.

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