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In line with the National Curriculum, all children in Years 3 to 6 learn a Modern Foreign Language. Here at Linden, our preferred language is French, a popular choice that is also taught in the majority of local secondary schools.

A specialist teacher delivers weekly lessons for Years 3 to 6. We aim to integrate language learning into daily life here at Linden, and teachers will often encourage children to answer the register with a ‘Bonjour!’, or you may hear children ask each other ‘Ça va?’.

Lessons are designed to be fun and interactive, with lots of songs and games to help our pupils learn and remember important vocabulary. The curriculum is progressive, ensuring that children will be ready to transition into continuing their language learning at secondary school and perhaps even beyond! Starting with greetings, numbers and colours, children will gradually build up the skills to converse in French and use more complex grammar.

Learning to speak, understand, read and write in another language is an important part in helping children build confidence, learn about other cultures and develop linguistic competence. The skills acquired can then be transferred into becoming more fluent in older life and perhaps learning other languages, as well as better understanding our own.

Here at Linden, our aim is to instil a love of language that will last a lifetime.

Très bien!